1 Mentos® mint roll with a personalised wrapper.
1 Mentos® in a personalised flowpack fruit.
Personalised paper sachet filled with 2 Mentos® fruit.

Can with sleeve that can be printed individually all round.
Personalised can filled with 45 g Mentos® chewy candy.

Personalised pouch with 4 mentos drops.
Personalised roll with 5 mini mentos drops. (mix of flavours ; lemon, orange, apple and strawberry)

Sleeved white can filled with 35g Mentos Gum (peppermint).

Personalised cardboard box with 6 Mentos Gum (peppermint).

1 Mentos Gum in a personalised flowpack.

White Mentos can with a personalised label.

Personalised rectangular metallic tin available in different colours and filled with ± 28 g of Mentos mints.
Chewing gum blister pack with 12 pieces of Mentos chewing gum.

1 Mentos chewing gum (mint) in a flow pack.

Personalised cardboard box with 2 Mentos mints.
Personalised cardboard box containing 3 Mentos mints.
One Mentos in a personalised flow pack (mint or fruit)
Personalised sachet filled with 2 Mentos mints.