Personalised rectangular and white metallic tin filled with Jules Destrooper biscuits.
Personalised flowpack sachet with one Oreo biscuit.
Personalised rectangular and silver metallic tin filled with Jules Destrooper biscuits.
Round lollipop in a personalised box. 10 g.
Rectangular bar of peppermints with 6 mints.
Personalised box filled with Leonidas pralines.
Personalised flow pack with 1 Dextro tab.6g
Personalised sachet with ca 10g bio jelly bears.
Personalised white or transparent sachet filled with Jelly bears.
Soft sweets double twist
Personalised round lollipop
Flowpack sweets personalised
Personalised box containing 24 mint leaves
Tin with sliding lid filled with 10 g round mints.
Rectangular metal mini-tin filled with round mints.
Personalised pouch with ca. 2,5 g Tic Tac.
Personalised sachet filled with 2 Mentos mints.
One Mentos in a personalised flow pack (mint or fruit)
Napolitains of 5 g in gold or silver aluminium foil and wrapped in a personalised label.