100% natural boiled sweets. No preservatives, no coloring. Natural fruit or vegetable flavors. Available in Green apple, mandarin and strawberry flavor.

3D Ice lollipop - personalised.

Mica box filled with 120 g fruit jellies with a personalised sleeve

Personalised rectangular metallic tin available in white or silver and filled with Jelly Beans.

Glass jar filled with 120 gram Lucky sweets

Glass jar filled with 600 gram Lucky sweets

A transparent weck jar with a personalised dooming on top filled with 100 gram Lucky sweets.

Sugarfree sweets in compostable personalised foil & biodegradable colours.
Fruit gum jogging shoes without gelatin, in a variety of colours and flavours, packed in transparent or white bag.

Personalised lollipop with 1 colour imprint.
White imprint.

Lips or heart lollipop with personalised print on flag.
Stick 25 cm is moving.

Red and white candy cane in a blister and personalised with a card.

Personalised rectangular ballotin filled with 500 g toffee sweets.

Big glass jar 2 liter with 2 full colour stickers filled with metallic sweets. Own shape sticker.

Flat lollipop in shape of heart 8 g, packing in transparent foil and cardboard box with any print.

Personalised jar with filed with 200 gram gummy bears.

Sachet with 10g gummy bears. Delivered 10 working days.

Personalised sachet filled with 1 vampire shaped jelly.

Chewy candy in a personalised wrapper. Flavours: lemon, strawberry, cherry, banana.

Personalised display filled with 50 personalised flat lolipops.